Google penalty recovery services

Our dedicated specialists can remove any kind of Google penalty

Over the years we have worked with numerous companies who have suffered Google Penalties and have successfully restored their websites back on Google. The process includes the implementation of a new online marketing strategy for each business, specifically designed to achieve the rankings they need to succeed. Google penalties can become a big problem for businesses if they are not dealt with. If ignored, in extreme cases it can result in a company having to change it’s domain name because it has been black listed by Google. Updates from Google to date have including Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and their mobile friendly updates – all have the ability to impact your site in a negative way.

Google’s Panda update targets websites that are not compliant with Google’s content standards. This can be anything from not having enough text content on the site, irrelevant text content or plagiarised content. It also targets websites that use harmful link building techniques and have poor quality links – these can cause your site to experience a drop in search rankings which will cause traffic to your site to fall-off dramatically.  Google has implemented several updates over the years that have affected millions of sites around the globe and these could be affecting you without your knowledge. Being hit with a Google penalty is detrimental to the SEO of any website.

The two types of penalties that Google issue are an algorithm penalty and a manual penalty. A Google algorithm penalty is usually the result of a Panda or Penguin update where businesses affected normally experience a sharp drop in organic traffic. Whilst these penalties are not good news, they are the easiest to resolve. The other type of penalty is a manual penalty, these are usually a little more difficult to resolve and are identified by a notification within Google Web Master Tools. This type of penalty can be a very time consuming issue and can take more than 3 months to resolve. If your website traffic has taken a drop or you are no longer displayed on Google searches you could have been hit with a penalty. There is no need to panic as SEO Nuts has trained specialists who can analyse and recover your website.

What we do

  • In Depth Link analysis
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • On Site SEO Analysis
  • Detailed Content Analysis
    (Including Duplicate Content Analysis)
  • Overall Site Review
  • Disavow File Creation
    (For submission to Google)
  • Restructure of Online Marketing Strategy