seo for financial services

Many businesses in the Financial sector may think that marketing their business online may not be worth it – perhaps they have relied on word of mouth advertising or traditional marketing methods such as business cards, networking, etc.

However, the term “financial companies” alone has nearly 1,900 searches in Google, and through targeting similar variations of the keyword you could reach up to 200,000 potential clients. This alone should show you the number of opportunities there are online to grow your business!

We know that financial firms and the industry is a very competitive market. We often look at search terms for local searches to give smaller companies the growth they need to compete in the wider market.

what is seo?

SEO is the understanding of search engine algorithms and using that knowledge to optimize a website to be found online by web users searching for different products, services, etc.

For example, if somebody Googles “cakes in Wolverhampton” the website that has optimized the best for that particular search query, will appear first on the search engine. Therefore, getting the right kind of traffic to the website, organically!.

Our marketing team is diversely skilled in a range of SEO strategies and various industries to get the traffic and lead generation you need.

do i need a new website for seo to work?

Not necessarily, but you will need a live website at the very least. It’ll also depend on the health of your site. We’ve had some pretty broken and outdated websites fall into the hands of our SEO Team, and luckily we do have a fantastic team of technical SEO specialists that can look into this and guide you.

SEO Nuts is a complete digital marketing agency and we can offer web design for those financial businesses who are not yet online and need to take that first step.

If your business is online, you will find very quickly that you will want to take your business to the next level. You will want to be seen by more potential customers in your target audience. You will also probably want your business to be found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing which is what SEO is for.

what will seo do for my business?

The goal of SEO is to get your website to appear high in search engines for as many relevant keywords or phrases as possible. Keywords is the name given to what the customer has typed into the search engines to find you. SEO helps business owners create user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites and in turn increases the conversion rate gap.

There’s a number of other ranking factors to consider with SEO…


This is showing to the search engines you are an expert in your industry – we create high-quality content that proves your know-how in your field such as blogs, detailed on-page content answering questions that people may have on your website.


We ensure the credibility of your website and include fixing technical errors on the site so it is fast, responsive, and offers a pleasant user experience. Also, off-site signals such as link building, social media signals, backlinks, and guest blogs to direct people back to your website.


We make sure search engines know that you are trustworthy – examples can include testimonials, a legitimate business address, or trade body memberships

Keyword Research

Our SEO agency will use the best tools to enhance your content marketing including words that your target market is searching for.

Define Goals & Marketing Objectives

We create bespoke SEO campaigns, whether local, national or e-commerce we will work along-side you every step of the way.


This can be weekly, bi-monthly, or whatever suits your business needs. We use top industry tools and analysis to deliver the data about your campaign back to you.

In-depth Site Auditing

Technical SEO plays an important part in how your website ranks in search engines. Our in-depth site auditing tool allows us to identify technical errors with your website so we can fix them.


Our campaigns are regularly spot-checked along with alerts that keep us on top form for keeping technical SEO in check along with our client’s keyword search engine rankings in google, bing, and yahoo.

UX (User Experience)

UX is focusing on the visitor to your website and adopting new easy, and clear to reach your product or services. Everything we do in the realm of digital marketing has a visitor in mind, and if you’re in need of a website design, our amazing designers always build with UX in mind.