Our Birmingham based SEO Agency

SEO Nuts is a UK-based, specialist online marketing and SEO agency with many years’ experience in search engine optimisation, web design, content management, social media, online marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

We operate within many diverse industry sectors including health care, manufacturing, retail, haulage and hospitality etc. Our remit as a company is to put our customers’ interests first whilst supporting them with cutting edge SEO, web design and technical know-how.

Each member of our team is motivated by obtaining the best possible results for you. As an SEO Nuts customer, you will have regular, personal contact with our dedicated team of SEO and design specialists. Every month, for the duration of your contract, you will receive a report detailing your websites performance and the steps we are taking towards its continuous improvement.

The web is young and its technology is constantly evolving. With this in mind, we aim to be fast learners and good at adapting to change in order to achieve consistent and long-term success.

What our customers say…

” SEO Nuts has delivered four highly profitable projects in new sectors along with numerous new clients to the business. The new branding provides Berck with a 21st Century look and feel. I am delighted with the amount of new online enquiries for new and existing sectors.”

Berck UK Limited

” We are now operating all over the UK and Ireland – when you consider the overall cost of the site and optimisation so far, it has paid for itself several times over. The site has paid dividends so far and we are currently updating it to make sure it never loses its edge.”

Rope Task UK Limited