Website integration with third party systems

At SEO Nuts, we can help you get all your online systems working together, to give your business the information it needs all in the right place, and the ability to share data via secure, real-time transfer if needed. Many businesses are now integrating multiple systems into their web applications, for example, you may want your website to integrate with your order processing system, CRM system, accounts software or other gateways, databases and networks. SEO Nuts employs talented software specialists who can implement third party API (Application Programming Interface) software into a client’s business web application to provide communication between software and a third party. Application Programming Interfaces allow businesses to integrate two platforms so that they communicate together. A streamlined business process is then created. SEO Nuts can integrate an existing, off-the-shelf API or create a bespoke API application from scratch. An API can also help with sharing of data, for example, it’s possible to link financial data to a piece of software to facilitate secure, real-time transfer of data to these applications.

For a website integration project to be a success, it’s important that our team understands the technical aspects of the client’s business. That’s why we work alongside our clients and produce detailed maps of how the integration will be organised. We then evaluate all the tools, protocols and routines to ensure the new system will meet the client requirements.

We have many years’ experience integrating websites with a wide range of third-party services. There are a number of different methods we use, including the latest API technologies, common data formats such as CSV, SQL, JSON & XML and website-embedded solutions utilising iFrames, depending on what’s required.