Ebusiness Websites

Some businesses need websites that help them showcase their products or services whilst also providing additional operational benefits. SEO Nuts uses bespoke SmartCommerce and WordPress software to help businesses improve customer functionality on their websites, thereby improving the customer experience.

Examples of the type of e-business projects we have worked on include:

  • Administrative platforms which allow staff to view stock availability and then re-order stock for their department without having access to other areas of the website
  • Customer service management e-business sites which enable staff to track orders, return items to stock, give refunds and keep records of customer transactions
  • Additional functionality for staff members to log in and book annual leave, agree to shifts, log timesheets and approve requests
  • Integration of an E-business website with our client’s internal computer systems and programmes. This facilitates management information systems, stock control systems, and delivery /logistics systems
  • Accounting process management including invoicing, payments and debt control

Further examples of the type of projects we get involved in are below, but if you have any additional requirements please get in touch as our talented programming team will find a way to create exactly what you require.

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