Multi-site Management

For when a network of two or more WordPress websites is required…

Multi-site management is the ability to manage and control multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. Maybe you have a requirement to share resources between two online stores? Or maybe you want to present a number of different sites under one banner or brand? Multi-site could be what you are looking for. There are different solutions to make the management of multiple WordPress sites more convenient. We can build your network of sites from the ground-up using multi-site technology or we can bring individual websites together to create a single management ‘hub’. Some examples of how multisite installations can be used:

Corporate Sites/Multiple Domains

Businesses and larger corporates often need bigger and more complex websites. This can mean for example, building many websites for the different divisions that make up group companies. With multi-sites and domain mapping, these companies are able to house these different assets under one roof, thus creating seamless user experiences for site visitors.

Blog Networks

Widely used in colleges and universities, this type of multisite might also be used by niche markets whose communities all share common interests. These could be, for example, photography websites, bridal networks or technology news feeds.

Internal Networks – ‘Intranets’

Some companies or organisations may want to prevent the general public from accessing certain, more internally-relevant information, yet still want to keep everything under the same virtual roof. This feature of WordPress multi-sites can provide schools and companies the ability to run internal sites for networking purposes.

Benefits of a multi-site network

Many sites – one dashboard

A single dashboard to manage all websites from, along with users and settings.

Share resources

Share website resources such as products, pricing and variable data.


You benefit by having a highly skilled team on hand who are experienced in the technical aspects of the Web.