Use social media to expand your business!

Build your brand – Learn how to master the power of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In, YouTube, Pinterest – the list is always growing. Many small business owners want to use social media and know they should be using social media, but haven’t considered how it can help their businesses. Using social media for business is very different to personal use. Social media can be compared to an extension of word-of-mouth advertising – it’s effects can be exponential. Knowing which networks to exploit to your advantage however, can be overwhelming.

Through support and training, SEO Nuts can help businesses achieve commonly identified social objectives, such as: Getting to know your audience (choosing the right social network(s) to master for your sector), Building your brand (getting your name recognised and associated with your products and services), Attracting new customers (social media can act as a shot of adrenaline to your site’s SEO and drive traffic to your website), Offering support (engaging prospective customers by answering their technical or sales-based questions) and Reasons to talk about your brand (why people should choose you over your competition).


The largest social platform. Increase your exposure to potential customers with over 1.19 Billion global users (and rising).


The world’s leading microblogging platform which connects people and businesses with the same interests.


Google’s own social service which aims to replicate the way people interact offline more closely than is the case in other social networks.


A free video-hosting website that allows members to store and serve video content. Popular for blogging, news, music, comedy and how-to’s.


A free private messaging app from Facebook available for Apple, Android and other smartphones, allowing users to connect 1-to-1 and via groups.


A photo sharing app owned by Facebook which is rapidly growing into one of the most popular ways of promoting personal and business content.


A social media website that allows users to organise and share images and videos (or ‘pins’) from around the Web. Users can also like or ‘re-pin’ content.

Linked in

A social network specifically designed to help people network professionally. Networks of people are established as being known and trusted.