Google penalty recovery services

Our dedicated specialists can remove any kind of Google penalty

Google penalties can become a big problem for businesses if they are not dealt with.
If ignored, in extreme cases these penalties can result in a company having to change its domain name because it has been blacklisted by Google!

Sometimes you will be advised about a penalty directly by the search engine itself, otherwise you may only become aware that your website has been hit by a penalty when you notice you no longer appear in searches and/or experience a sharp drop in organic traffic.

Google issues either an algorithm penalty or a manual penalty. Both can be fixed by SEO Nuts’ trained specialists who can analyse and recover your website
(although the manual penalty is more time-consuming to resolve).

No matter how a business ends up with a penalty, either through general lack of knowledge or poor advice, SEO Nuts can help. Over the years we have worked with numerous companies who have suffered Google penalties. We have successfully restored their websites back on Google by implementing a new online marketing strategy for each business, specifically designed to achieve the rankings they need to succeed.

What we do

  • In Depth Link analysis
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • On Site SEO Analysis
  • Detailed Content Analysis
    (Including Duplicate Content Analysis)
  • Overall Site Review
  • Disavow File Creation
    (For submission to Google)
  • Restructure of Online Marketing Strategy