Email Marketing

creating email campaigns that convert to opens and clicks…

Our e-marketing team will work with you to achieve results you are looking for, by writing attention-grabbing headlines and creating eye-catching content to drive engagement.

There are many different types of email campaigns that can drive conversions, such as announcement campaigns for the launch of your latest product or service, newsletters full of your latest achievements or invitation emails to an upcoming event.

Regardless of the type of campaign, you want your subscribers to click-through from your email to the destination where you want them to take action.

Creating Opportunities

Email marketing is still a vital tool for small businesses wanting to send regular marketing messages to keep their clients informed of their activities. Done well, email marketing offers sophisticated opportunities to target the right people at the right time.

Tracking Results

Tracking the results of your email campaigns will enable you to establish what’s working and what’s not. We can help you to gather key information on delivery, opens and click-through-rates as well as logging how many people opted out.