eBay Marketing

Promotion of products and businesses on eBay

eBay is no longer just about auctioning unwanted goods. Many retail businesses now have a dedicated eBay store and sell their goods at a fixed price. It is one of the most powerful online market places in the world. In fact, eBay is THE leading online marketplace and one of the biggest buying and selling communities. Because the website has such a massive audience, the potential for visibility makes it easier for sellers to promote their products or business on the platform. With a massive variety of different products in one place, along with a dedicated army of bargain-hunters, an eBay store is the perfect partner to your e-commerce website. Having an eBay store offers customers another way by which to purchase your goods and services, improves your brand visibility and provides a convenient product comparison tool – just what shoppers want before clicking that ‘Buy it Now’ button. SEO Nuts can set up your store and provide ways to strategically market your products via the popular platform.

Reach out to potential customers

Promote your business to new customers who may have more confidence buying their first purchase via eBay.

eBay Integration

With eBay integration, when you add a new product into your e-commerce store, it automatically feeds through to eBay.

Listing Promotion

We provide tools and expertise to get your listing to the top of the search where it can be seen.