Remarketing is a very powerful online marketing tool that enables brands and online marketers to stay engaged with their target audience.

Remarketing involves displaying a targeted advert to someone who has already visited a website. If they navigate away from a website or shopping cart, remarketing enables that business to re-target the visitor with relevant banner adverts when they are browsing across Google’s Network, giving the visitor highly relevant adverts and offers across the whole world wide web.

Remarketing is great for brand building, helping a brand stay at the front of potential customer’s minds for when they’re ready to buy online. It also helps boost conversion rates, turning visiting traffic into a business enquiry or order, helping with marketing return on investment.

Businesses can achieve even higher conversions by combining other online targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics or keyword campaigns such as Pay per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

EU cookie compliance laws have deterred some businesses from the proposition of remarketing. However, if implemented correctly, this online strategy can still be extremely effective.

The dedicated team at SEO Nuts has the skills, experience and creativity to produce dynamic remarketing adverts to help sell your products and services to a highly targeted market. As well as setting-up the campaigns, we help hone and improve them, using performance data plus precise competitor analysis to track which adverts work best for each of our clients.