Google’s Hummingbird has landed

October 16, 2013Blog

Hummingbird is Google’s latest algorithm update. It officially launched late September 2013. It represents the biggest change to Google’s search engine in 10 years. Over the past few years, Google has concentrated on honing its system for smartphones; making it easy for you to take out your phone, ask Google a question, and quickly get your answer. Trends are moving quickly, and Google has adapted. Mobile users need search results quickly, on the move; they also need them to be relevant. Your website will work better with Google if it is mobile-friendly.

  • Google is adapting to answer mobile search queries.
  • People are more conversational now via mobile. For example, “Where can I find a coffee shop?”
  • It’s now about the meaning of search phrases, not just keywords.

To be more relevant to users, Google is moving away from keywords and towards intent and semantics. It used to focus on delivering search results based entirely on a given key phrase. Now, Google is including many other details, for example location, social aspects and what a user has previously searched for.

How does this affect your search engine optimisation?

  • Google Analytics is changing, making it difficult to access details about specific keywords.
  • Hummingbird has triggered a significant change in the way SEO companies approach Search Engine Optimisation for their customers.
  • Search results will take on a new format.
  • Hummingbird will affect SEO search results as it comes into full effect.
  • Mobile devices should greatly benefit.
  • Google is evolving towards predictive intelligence and natural language.