Is your business being talked about on the Web?

November 6, 2013Blog

If your company manufactures or supplies a specialist product, then the chances are someone is talking about your company across the web!

How can this be?

Well, millions of people interact daily through a number of mediums, social networks, forums and blogs, and they could be talking about your brand or service.  Questions on all sorts of topics are asked daily. People asking where they can source a product from, or have a technical question which requires someone with technical knowledge to help them. You can pretty much guarantee that there is some kind of forum or blog that is dedicated to your field, from manufacturing, engineering, services etc.

How does this benefit your company?

We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising anyone can get.  So if someone is recommending your company through these mediums, wouldn’t you like to know about it? Follow up on a lead? Help out with any technical queries or reply to a review?

Where are people talking about my business?

  • Social Media – People can say what they want about your business on social media due to freedom of speech. Getting on social media is essential for customer engagement.
  • Industry Relevant Blogs – Industry blogs regularly mention businesses that have done something noteworthy. Answering questions in the comment section could generate leads for your business.
  • Forums – These are websites where people gather to talk about a topic of interest. Businesses are regularly discussed on forums with links to products and often questions based around them.
  • Review Sites – Google Places, Freeindex and Trip Advisor are all examples of review sites where users can leave a review, either good or bad, about your business.

What if I get a bad review?

Controlling what people say about your business online is impossible. On the other hand the feedback you provide is in your complete control and can be used to give your side of a bad review. A polite response to complaints is the first step towards making a positive change for the customer. The bad review may be due to your delivery company or another factor out of your control, this should still be followed up to resolve the issue for the customer.

Uncovering the information

Google Alerts is a great place to start for finding where your business is mentioned online. These alerts can be set up to notify you when a certain keyword is mentioned. Whether it be a product name or business name as long as it’s a keyword it can be tracked. Notifications are delivered to your email inbox ready for you to act upon. Making regular searches on social media and search engines will provide an insight to what people are saying about your business.