SEO Halesowen

Did you know that 93% of online experiences start from a search engine? Or that 81% of people perform some type of research online before making a purchase?

In today’s digital economy, it’s becoming more and more common for customers to begin their buying journey online rather than in a physical store, which is reason enough for any business that isn’t online to create a web presence. However, many people begin their online research by using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! to research the problem they want to solve, so making sure that your website can be seen there is just as important.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art of making your website appear highly in search engine results for as many “keywords” as possible (“keywords” being the name for the word or phrase the customer has typed in).

SEO acts as a bridge between the customer and the business and by doing this you can appear in front of your customer, right at the moment they are searching for your products and services, rather than your competitor getting there first!

That is where we can help. Our dedicated team of web designers and SEO specialists work hard for businesses in Halesowen and West Midlands to get our clients’ websites into a good position on search engines. By appearing more highly, your website’s traffic will increase, as will the potential for conversions and sales from your website.

How does SEO work?

There are a few things that we can do to assist the search engines in ranking your site so that it improves over time. In simple terms it involves proving three things to them, your expertise / relevance, your authority and trust.


This is showing to the search engines you are an expert in your industry – this involves creating high quality content that proves your know-how in your field such as blogs, detailed on page content answering questions that people may have on your website.


This is about the credibility of your website and includes fixing technical errors on the site so it is fast, responsive and offers a pleasant user experience. Also, off-site signals such as guest blogs to direct people back to your website.


This is about proving to the search engines that you are trustworthy – examples can include testimonials, a legitimate business address, trade body memberships etc.

Of course, these three things do take time for websites to build, especially if you have just arrived online so SEO is quite a long term strategy, but it can also be the most lucrative.

Why choose SEO Nuts?

  • We are an online marketing agency, locally based in Dudley, with a 30-year proven track record.
  • We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and exceeding our client’s expectations.
  • We are not a large agency, but a small, close-knit group of people which translates to a far more personal service to businesses in Halesowen and beyond.
  • We offer a full range of marketing services, including Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you are a local Halesowen business and want to grow online, fill in our contact form here.