Why should you work with a Google Certified Agency?

March 24, 2019Blog

Are you looking for an agency to take care of your digital marketing? Maybe you are already with another agency and the results they are providing are not giving you a return on your investment. What should you do now? who should you choose?

There are a number of factors to look for when choosing your next digital agency however one of them should stand out above the rest, are they a Google Certified Partner?
Now you may be thinking to yourself what exactly is a Google Certified partner and why do we need one handling our digital marketing?

What exactly is a Google Certified Partner?

A Google Certified Partner is an agency that has members of staff who have trained and completed qualifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords (PPC) and other Google tools. These are qualifications that need updating on a regular basis due to the many changes Google makes to their software and tools over the year. They are also highly sought after during the recruitment process when brining in new employees.

To put it simply working with a Google Partner gives you peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands working with professionals.

Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits of working with a Google Certified Partner

1.Access to a dedicated Google Representative
As a Google Partner we get access to a dedicated Google representative who is on hand to contact at any time. They will help with any queries that we or our clients may have with their account.

2. Certified Staff Management
Having briefly touched on this above, you can be rest assured that you campaign is going to be set up, carried out and managed efficiently. Campaigns are also set up to Googles best practices to hep you get the maximum ROI.

3. Beta Feature Access
Being a Google Certified Partner gives us Beta access to various tools and features that are not available to non partnered agencies. This means that our customers can get ahead of the competition before competitors even get access to certain features.

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