Introducing the Ghost Blogging Platform!

April 24, 2014Blog


Are you bored of WordPress or finding it over complicated for blogging? Then the Ghost blogging platform may be the answer. Ghost is a new, open source platform specifically designed for the task of blogging. The main aim of Ghost is to provide simplicity to the end user allowing them to concentrate on content writing rather than configuring.

First Release

The idea for Ghost was first conceived in 2012 when a guy called John O’nolan posted his proposal on Kickstarter. Surpassing the pledged amount on Kickstarter, development on Ghost Ghost began and a public release was made available in October 2013.

Advantages of Ghost

Ghost is a blogging platform built purely for writing and publishing on the Internet. If you’ve used WordPress before then writing your blog posts will be a breeze as many of the same tools are shared across both platforms. The only exception being Ghost uses markdown instead of HTML to format text. Once you have a basic understanding of markdown, writing the actual content will become second nature.

Live preview on screen is one of my favourite features with Ghost. WordPress requires the user to click preview to see the appearance of their blog post, whereas Ghost provides a live update on the right of the screen. Interfaces are important for user experience, Ghost excels with this by providing a dashboard that is not only easy to use but also looks amazing.

Ghost Blogging Platform Dashboard Image

Are There Any Themes Available?

The theme support for Ghost is growing daily with new developers looking to build on the platform. Woo Themes, a founding backer, has said they will begin developing themes for the platform. With this and the ability to create you own, finding a suitable theme will be no problem when developing a blog.

Cross Platform Capability

A huge plus point for Ghost is it’s ability to support multiple devices across many operating systems and access to the dashboard can be made through the use of a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. As for installation, Ghost runs on Windows, Linux and Mac either locally or via a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Many hosting companies have started to support Ghost which takes away the technical knowledge required to install manually.

Useful Resources

We have gathered a list of resources which will be helpful when using Ghost for the first time. These resources cover a variety of subjects including basic content formatting right through to theme development. If your new to Ghost check out this tutorial on how to install Ghost for the first time. Losing all your content can be devastating, prevent it using this guide on how to backup your blog. Navigation is important for users and search engines add a menu to your site with this guide How to Add a Menu to your Blog.

Style up your site with these paid themes. Or alternatively build a Ghost theme from scratch.


Ghost has created a long awaited shake up in the content management software industry. There is definitely a gap in the market for a dedicated blogging platform now WordPress has grown slightly overcomplicated for simple blogging tasks. I will be keeping my eye on this platform to see how it develops in the future.