Trello Review: There’s Always Room for Trello

April 16, 2014Blog

Project management tools can be quite complicated to use here’s our Trello review.

What is Trello?

Trello is an online project management software with a visual design. It allows you to organise your teams workloads and your own into more manageable chunks.

What to use Trello for?

You can use Trello for organising workloads. Trello uses a card, list and board based system. The cards being the tasks, the lists representing main stages of a project and the board being the main project. This is the original main way to use Trello, although you can use it to how it best suits you. In the past I have used it to track my search engine optimisation workload on a daily basis. For example I would have a To Do List and then separate lists for each day of the week and a Done list. I would assign different tasks to different days of the week, when complete I would drag them to the Done list. I found that dragging task to the Done list gives you a real sense of achievement at the end of the working week.

Our Likes About Trello


You can use Trello how you want to use it whether you are using it to manage your own work or whether you are managing a whole teams workload or even multiple team workloads, Trello really is a flexible tool.

Ease of Use

The user interface is simple and intuitive to use. Dragging and dropping cards and lists is a breeze and moving cards and lists between boards is child’s play.

Team collaboration

As Trello is a collaborative online tool other team members can edit cards lists and boards easily and all other team members can see recent activity on the boards, you will also see the notification icon change to red when changes have been made. Adding new team members to a board is a simple as adding their email address to that particular board. When they are added you can easily assign team members to different tasks.


Checklists are a great way to make sure you have completed a number of smaller task to complete a large task. Trello allows you to create a checklist on individual cards. As you work through each smaller task it’s just a case of clicking the check box to mark it has complete.

Due Dates

Most projects and workloads have deadlines and Trello allows you to set due dates on each of your cards. This is great so you can easily see when a task needs to be done by. As the due date approaches, the date changes colours to let you know.

Other features

Other neat little touches that you may find useful are things such as assigning colour labels, maybe to highlight priority tasks or adding attachments to cards, this is great if you need to add a brief or website design or anything else really. Also carding ageing is a setting that shows you visually if a card has been there on you board for a while by showing decay on the card.

Our Dislikes About Trello


One of the few dislikes about Trello is that you are automatically set up to receive emails about changes to boards. This can become quite annoying and therefore we turned this feature off within the settings pretty quickly as our mailboxes started to filled up.

Commenting on Cards

This is a useful feature to have, but your comments can easily get lost amongst the other activity notes, such as cards being moved from one list to another etc. It would be useful if maybe there were some kind of tabular feature, whereby one tab was purely for comments and the other for all card activity.


Trello can feel a little limited as a complete project management package. For example there are no Gantt charts here showing milestones or what stage of a project you are at.

Final Thoughts

Trello is a great online task management tool, that is flexible, easy to use and learn. There are many great features that allow you to manage your work. If you want to geek it up some more you could even use it for out of work activities, for example, a gardening project or a home interior decorating project. We recommend that you at least try it, it is a free online tool after all so what have you got to lose? Oh by the way did we mention there is also a mobile app for both Android and iOS operating systems?

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