Websites with Forms to be Marked as ‘not secure’ by Google

September 23, 2013Blog

Earlier this year, Google announced that unless an SSL certificate is installed, they would be marking websites as ‘not secure’ if they contain forms requiring the submission of sensitive information. Recently, Google has revealed that they will be adjusting their criteria to include any webpage with basic input fields. This becomes an issue for all websites that contain an area to submit text … including contact forms, password fields and search bars.

What does this mean for my website?

If you don’t have an SSL Certificate to protect these pages, your website will be labelled as ‘Not Secure’ in the top left corner of your browser. A warning message may also appear, informing the user that the site they are about to enter is ‘not secure’ with an option to exit the page.

This will also affect your Google rankings as websites will now be penalised for not having an SSL Certificate installed. This could be extremely problematic for your business as Google controls around 90% of the search engine market! This will lead to a significant decrease in your visitor traffic due to less potential customers being able to find your site.

How long until this is in place?

Google stated in a recent e-mail that this new regulation would be included in the next Google Chrome update, scheduled for October 2017. However no specific date has been released, meaning that your website could be effected in the very near future.

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