What is Vine?

December 11, 2013Blog

The latest social media craze to hit the Internet is the video sharing app Vine. Vine is Twitter’s latest creation for producing and sharing short 6 second video clips. Although it was launched as a standalone network, Vine allows full integration with Twitter.

How Does Vine Work?

Vine’s main function allows the user to record and share short video clips on the Internet. Having fun with video is the primary aim of the app. Limiting the video length to six seconds means users have to get creative in order to get their message across. Videos containing the stop motion effect seem to be popular at the moment on Vine. These type of videos have striking similarities to animated the gifs which used to be popular on the Internet of old.

Holding your finger on the app starts the recording, lifting off again stops Vine. To continue the recording a simple tap and hold on the screen is required. This gives the effect of stop motion which is the latest craze on social media. Vine does come with limitations. No options for editing after the recording or importing are available in the app. This could be frustrating to users who want to upload a video created elsewhere.

Vine for Android Image

Video Sharing

Vine is all about sharing. With Twitter integration it couldn’t be any easier for the user. After a video has been created you get the option to share it via Vine itself, Twitter and Facebook. If the user chooses to share using Twitter or Facebook then the app posts a link containing the video. Tagging a video allows it to become searchable within Vine thus increasing views.

Vine currently has around 13 million users which continue to grow day by day. Instagram, Vine’s main rival, has about 130 million users due to its popularity as an image sharing site. The future of Vine relies on what it can offer over Instagram and how effective Twitter’s promotion will be. It has some way to go yet to catch up with Instagram’s larger and more diverse user base.