Youtube vs. Vimeo

December 5, 2013Blog

Youtube is huge, that’s a fact. With more than 1 billion unique views every month and over 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute, Youtube is the video goliath of the Internet. The actual quality of some content leaves a lot to be desired, we’ve all seen random cat videos filmed on someone’s iPhone! In contrast to Youtube’s sheer amount of visitors, Vimeo gets about 60 million unique visitors every month. This number is still huge but it’s no comparison when compared to Youtube.

Which is Better Looking?

The aesthetics and design of a website are important for both usability and engagement. Nobody will want to use a poorly designed site which is hard to navigate around. This leads onto the question ‘which is better looking, Youtube or Vimeo?’. To answer this question we will look at Youtube first.
Youtube Homepage

The homepage is not centred unlike most websites on the Internet. Aesthetically pleasing websites are usually centred within the browser rather than being over to the left hand side. Adverts dominate Youtube with a banner ad appearing on the homepage and others scattered around in the sidebar etc.

Next up is Vimeo, let’s take a look at their home page.
Vimeo Homepage

Vimeo’s homepage has a much cleaner and professional design to it, whilst still containing fun elements such as the hand drawn header. The site itself feels more like a portfolio of work rather than a social network, which isn’t a bad thing considering it’s aimed at artists.

The video quality tends to be much higher adding to the overall aesthetics of the website.

Limitations of the Platforms

Youtube limits the video length to 15 minutes until a number of views are gained. This initial limiting factor can be frustrating for new users until the required number of views is achieved. Vimeo does not allow the promotion of a standard account unless an upgrade to a pro subscription is purchased. Video quality is increased and bandwidth reduced when the account is upgraded. A limited uploads per year is set on Vimeo along with a maximum size of the video file. In contrast to this, Youtube offers unlimited uploads

Type of Audience

Vimeo is full of artists, film makers and producers so it’s the place to go if you are the creative type. This target audience means comments and suggestions made are usually helpful. Videos uploaded to the site are usually of impressive quality with high production value. Contrasting to this, Youtube’s audience is very broad due to its wide variety of videos and subjects. Generally the video quality is lower than on Vimeo.

Which Platform is For Me?

Youtube can be seen as overcrowded if you’re targeting niche markets for your business. On the other hand Vimeo has a very niche audience of creative people. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately offer great features for promoting your business. Visual content is a big part of the web currently with videos and pictures being shared more often than text.