Is Your Website SEO Working For You?

November 28, 2013Blog

Are you one of the thousands of companies who have invested in a website for your company and after it’s been built paid it very little attention, yet still expect it to generate interest and income?

There is no point in building a website, which costs time and money, only to let it stagnate with little to no return on your investment. Getting a presence online is the first step to a successful internet marketing strategy. Developing this strategy is the key to success but not without investing time and money to begin with.

Here is a simple test that you can do to measure the effectiveness of your website:

Take a step outside of the box for a second. If you were searching for your product or service what ‘keywords’ and phrases would you type into a search engine such as Google?

Now go onto Google and type in one of those phrases-

  1. Where do you appear? – The top five results is the optimum placement for your website as this is the top half of the page.
  2. Are you on the first page? – The first page of the results gets the most traffic; people rarely go past three when looking in searches.
  3. How many of your competitors are above you? – Having your competition above you means they will be getting the majority of the traffic.
  4. Which link would you click? – Click through rate is massively important as this determines how many clicks are directed to your website.

If your product or service is not showing on the first few pages of any search engine, the chances are that you have just lost a potential customer to your competitor. People make 114 billion searches each month using Google, with this traffic potential it’s hard to ignore search engine optimisation for your website.

Gone are the days when people search through the yellow pages to find what they are looking for.
It’s all about the internet whether it be from a PC or through a Smartphone. Google’s Hummingbird update now makes it even easier to find what you are looking for locally via a mobile phone.

Give us a call today to arrange a meeting and we will sit down with you and discuss what the search engines are looking for and the ways in which you can help your website get the best position possible for relevant key words.